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Features and benefits
A requirement for success in today's increasingly competitive market place is that your customers have an effective, real-time feedback channel, to tell you what they like or dislike about doing business with you. Further, they require the choice of how and when they give you that feedback.

The People Surveys solution provides you with a fast, reliable and cost-effective method of obtaining quality feedback from your customers and it provides a user-friendly and efficient channel for your customers to tell you how they feel.

For a summary of the key features and benefits of the People Surveys system, and to see how fully it will meet your needs, scroll down the page.

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Some key features and benefits:

Setting up your online customer survey
Set up your surveys directly online.  Use your intranet or any internet browser, anywhere in the world to set up your customer surveys. No software needs to be downloaded or installed.
Customised look and feel. Choose fonts, colours and the look and feel for each survey (or use suggested settings).
Your logo and branding. Import your corporate identity to ensure your customer surveys have a consistent brand 'look and feel'.
Import pictures and graphics. Make your surveys more interesting and self-explanatory for your customers.
All question types. Our software gives you a full choice of question types - including yes/no, multiple choice, numeric ranking and open-ended questions.
Intelligent branching. Create skip logic so that customers see only the questions that apply to them.
Required question facility. Select which questions you always want answered and optimise the quality of your results data.
Store and re-use surveys. Easily copy questions for use in your current surveys.
Software enhancements and upgrades. Take advantage of improvements to our survey platform as they are introduced, online, automatically and at no additional cost.

Deploying and Managing your surveys (live)
Reminder and thank you emails. Use our mailing feature to distribute your customised invitation, reminder and thank-you emails.
Customers participate when it suits them. If they are interrupted for any reason, they can return and pick up where they left off.
Confidentiality assured. You can offer customers the choice of answering anonymously or identifying themselves (for example to claim an incentive or to request follow-up on a complaint).

Getting your results � online
Questions today? Answers tomorrow! Our customer survey solution gives you instant, real-time 24/7 access to the results as customers complete the surveys (usually 95% complete in the first 48 hours).
Global access. Authorised executives can access the results through any internet browser useful when they are away from the office.
Critical insights. . Cross-tabulate and drill down to identify the most important information and customer insights you need using our free PS Results software.
Graphic display. Create really informative charts and graphs using our software to highlight the key findings from your surveys.
Export your results. Results data can be downloaded to MS Excel for more detailed analysis and preparation of management presentations.
Share your results. . Select and apply the appropriate level of access for each department or individual in your company for each survey.
Superior client experience and uncompromising security.

At People Surveys we are committed to providing the ultimate client experience. We are obsessed with data quality and security and offer you peace of mind in the knowledge that feisty firewalls and regular backups secure your data.

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